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Hi everyone.

Well, you’ve either managed to track me down or you’ve dropped in by accident.

However you arrived here, “hello”.


Having played in the popular Irish duo “Patton and Kelly” for the past 15 years and the band “The Wild Irish “ since 1999, I decided to continue with my own songwriting and slot in some solo gigs and festivals whenever possible.

These went really well and gave me a boost in my efforts to do more this year.

When performing solo, I perform a selection of my own work along with songs from a wide variety of my favourite writers, new and old. I try and leave people with some new memories but make sure they have a good sing along too. There’s nothing worse than listening to a whole night of new songs however good.


Cloud Callout: Help

The new album “Reservation Road” is just about finished and will be out as soon I get off my backside to complete the job. If you’d like to order a copy or a demo, just send an email or phone me and I’ll do the rest. That’ll get me going. It will sell for £8.00. You can also here a sample of some of the tracks here.


I managed to fulfill a dream in 2003 and drive through Arizona. I went to The Grand Canyon, Monument Valley (the best bit ), Tombstone and the OK Coral (Yee Haa ), Meteor crater and the canyon where Chief Cochise is said to have made his last stand. Wanna see my holiday snaps?

I had a fantastic time and am getting the urge to go back a.s.a.p.



I’ve also now completed my recording studio and now have a 24 track digital facility for use by anyone interested. Just give me a call.


Reasonable rates of course. Contact

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